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MLB Player Props

Fantasy Basketball Redefined

Bet on your favorite athletes with No House Advantage and win real-money cash prizes every day! A new daily fantasy sports platform, No House Advantage offers player prop contests across the NBA, NFL, MLB, CFB, CBB, PGA, Soccer, NASCAR, and Esports. No House Advantage gives everyday sports fans the chance to win cash prizes by playing fantasy sports!

No House Advantage offers NBA daily player prop contests that include all types of player statistics.

MLB Player Props For Cash Prizes

How to Win Big With No House Advantage

Daily Player Prop Contests

Daily player prop contests across the NBA, NFL, MLB, CFB, CBB, PGA, and NASCAR


Select Player Props

Contests combine players of different positions across several statistical categories.



Compete against other users and track in real-time as you climb the leaderboard!


There are so many ways to win with NHA, whether it’s in public guaranteed prize pools or private contests with friends!


Is No House Advantage Legal?

Yes. No House Advantage is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operator, and our contests are considered a game of skill.

Which U.S. States are ineligible?

Ineligible States List: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

Is there an Age Limit to Participate?

Yes. Users must be 18 years of age or older to participate in No House Advantage’s paid player props contests.

Are Prizes Actually Cash?

Yes. All prizes are cash. Prizes and entry amounts are announced once a contest is posted.

Who Am I Competing Against?

Other No House Advantage registered users. Users compete against each other in No House Advantage contests to win cash prizes.

Expert Players

You can identify expert players by seeing a yellow checkmark next to a user’s username in the leaderboard page of any contest.

Beginner Players

Avoid competing against expert players by entering “Beginner Only” contests wherein identified expert players are prohibited from entering.

Everyone knows that baseball is the game for people who love numbers, and there is no shortage of statistics for those who want to get in on the action. That’s why so many people who love baseball also love MLB prop bets. They are your chance to turn that love of baseball, and its many stats, into an exciting chance to make some cold, hard cash. And if you love baseball and MLB props, then there is no better place than No House Advantage.


MLB Prop Bets Made Simple

When you look up what MLB prop bets are, you can find almost anything. From player performance to mathematically complex bets on game outcomes and more. But betting on your favorite sport shouldn’t be complicated, and getting cash prizes for winning shouldn’t either. That is why No House Advantage is dedicated to making MLB props simple and, more importantly, fun. 

Getting set up for your MLB prop bets couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill out a form. From there, you can pick your contest, select your MLB props and start earning points. Once you start climbing the leaderboard, you can start earning your cash prizes! 

Did we say cash prizes? You bet we did! Unlike some other sites that host MLB prop bets, No House Advantage offers cash prizes for your wins. Not gift cards, not junk you don’t need. Just cold, hard cash for your winning MLB prop bets.


MLB Props for Everyone

Get in the action every day with No House Advantage’s daily MLB props that include all types of player statistics. Want to go further? We also have featured contests that combine players of different positions across several statistical categories. So, whether you are looking for a quick bet or something that goes deeper, all of it is possible on No House Advantage.


Compete Publicly or With Friends

Did you want to go head-to-head with the experts? Or are you still learning and want to play with people of a similar level? Even better, did you want to set up a private pool with your closest friends? No House Advantage lets you do all of this with your MLB prop bets. 

Rather than forcing people of different skill levels to compete, or leaving all competitions completely open, No House Advantage lets you place your MLB props the way you want. So, whether you want some casual fun, some friendly competition with friends or take it to the big leagues, No House Advantage is your place to do it. 

What are you waiting for? With No House Advantage, you can earn cash prizes every day simply by betting on MLB props. It’s your chance to turn that love of baseball, and all of its stats, into cash prizes. With No House Advantage, you can place your MLB props with people of a similar skill level, with large pools of people or even contests among friends. Instead of playing with lots of people who are in a different league, play and win with like-minded MLB fans, and make some money along the way.