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Daily Fantasy Sports Redefined

No House Advantage is a daily fantasy sports platform that gives sports fans the chance to win CASH PRIZES by playing in player prop contests across the NFL, NBA, MLB, & PGA. Create your own advantage and win real-money everyday against other users, not versus the house. Pick your favorite NFL player props without any salary cap restrictions or predetermined point values!

We give everyday sports fans the chance to win cash prizes by playing fantasy sports!

NFL Player Props For Cash Prizes

How to Win Big With No House Advantage


Play for your share of the cash in daily contests



Pick your favorite players & rank your picks



Earn points for correct picks & their corresponding ranks


Track in real-time as you climb the leaderboard


Is No House Advantage Legal?

Yes. No House Advantage is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operator, and our contests are considered a game of skill.

Which U.S. States are ineligible?

Ineligible States List: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

Is there an Age Limit to Participate?

Yes. Users must be 18 years of age or older to participate in No House Advantage’s paid player props contests.

Are Prizes Actually Cash?

Yes. All prizes are cash. Prizes and entry amounts are announced once a contest is posted.

Who Am I Competing Against?

Other No House Advantage registered users. Users compete against each other in No House Advantage contests to win cash prizes.

Expert Players

You can identify expert players by seeing a yellow checkmark next to a user’s username in the leaderboard page of any contest.

Beginner Players

Avoid competing against expert players by entering “Beginner Only” contests wherein identified expert players are prohibited from entering.

NFL Player Prop betting meet Daily Fantasy Sports – Prop Bets NFL

No House Advantage’s NFL Player Prop Contests are the newest way for sports fans to dominate the gridiron. Our NFL Player Prop Contests combine NFL Props in a peer-to-peer contest format to form the most exciting daily fantasy sports experience.

NFL Player Props are wagers that are placed on a player’s statistics and not the end result of the game. For example, NFL Player props can include how many rushing yards, passing yards, or receptions a player will accumulate during a game. This is typically done by placing a bet against a house, however with No House Advantage you are competing against other users in a contest format! The is goal is to make correct NFL player prop picks to earn more points than the other users competing in the contest! Create your own advantage and WIN BIG!

This new betting format is different than any other NFL prop bets website in the market! It gives users the opportunity to risk small entry fees to win big cash prizes. Now is the time to put your skills to the test and bet on your favorite NFL player prop bets against other users on the #1 NFL Prop bets website in the world! NHA’s NFL player prop bets website offers the best NFL player prop bets compared to all player prop bets websites as we offer hundreds of NFL player prop bets every single week! Our NFL player prop offering will elevate your player prop betting experience to a whole new level, so make sure to lock in your NFL player prop bets now and win cash daily! 

New and experienced sports fans are taking the daily fantasy sports experience to a completely new level through the world of player props, so now is the perfect time to get in on the action. Make sure to head to the Lobby and check out our best prop bets tonight! No House Advantage offers a traditional NFL player prop betting experience within the daily fantasy sports contest format! No House Advantage’s platform will allow you win big money on your favorite NFL Prop bets! In addition, you can play in single game contests for the best NFL prop bets tonight!

No House Advantage also offers a wide variety of Super Bowl Player Props contests where users can WIN BIG on their favorite Super Bowl Player Prop bets. Our contest format will let you load up on favorite Super Bowl Prop bets to climb the leaderboard against the competition! Our Super Bowl Player prop bets gives you the chance to win big on Super bowl by placing super bowl prop bets against other users on the day of the big game!

This new style of betting gives you the opportunity to get in early and build a bankroll on our prop bets website so you can win big taking NFL player prop bets every week of the season! Player Props website our a whole new component to fantasy sports and hope you win big playing in our NFL player prop bets contests! So sign up today to our NFL Player Props website!

You can also create your own private NFL player props contest and put in all of your favorite NFL player props on our prop bets website! This gives you the opportunity to win big against your friends playing your favorite prop bets NFL and walk away with the cash because of your skills with player prop bets! Our NFL player props website will always offer the most exciting NFL player props bets tonight! 

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